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I always wondered how Chandan gets so much done without compromising
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— Sachin Kharbanda (MD, Lakshita Fashion)

Wouldn’t you be on cloud 9 if you could get answers to these pressing questions...

Why my life is uncertain, chaotic & going out of hand?

Why there are never enough hours to complete all my to-dos?

Why I am not able to have enough time left for family (esp. my children)?

Most of entrepreneurs & professionals share the same sentiments. They are overwhelmed, pressured & constantly feel why there are only 24 hours a day!

But the insanely successful billionaires got the same 24 hours! It’s just that they know the secrets of high-productivity that bring them enormous success & abundance in life. Ready to discover those secrets?

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How To Manufacture Time

Learn how to keep a laser-like focus on your top goals

Proven strategies to distract the distractions

4 fundamental ways to produce more in less time

19 amazingly simple hacks to cultivate Time Creations Habits

A fail-proof action plan to achieve work-life balance

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I couldn’t put down this
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Deepak Methi (Entrepreneur)

Feel like I am already
having 36 hrs. a day.

Kamal Tyagi (Entrepreneur)

This book is next New
York Times bestseller.

Dinesh Verma (Author & Publisher)

Meet Chandan Goyal

Chandan coaches CXOs, Sr. Executives & Entrepreneurs move past their performance roadblocks to have more productive professional lives and absolutely fulfilling personal lives.

He is a professional Chartered Accountant and co-founder of Blue Consulting Pvt. Ltd. During his professional journey of over 18 years he witnessed people’s struggle with time, learned from life experiences and developed ISD Framework to “Manufacture the Time” and Propel the Productivity.

He applied his learning to grow his own company with two people to a powerhouse with 100+ team within a couple of years. And now, he is empowering entrepreneurs & professionals come out of “Time Poverty”, achieve unparalleled success and gain absolute abundance in life.

Trusted by brands you trust —

Chandan & his team at Blue Consulting Pvt. Ltd. has helped leading enterprises including many Fortune 500 companies improve team and system performances with many value added services. It includes increasing managerial bandwidth of CFOs & bringing high efficiency through process oriented works.

Connect with Chandan to learn how to manage resources more effectively & efficiently to maximize productivity and increase profits.

increase in Managerial
bandwidth of CFOs.

Best ROI on Internal
Audit Investment.

Chandan and his team is an integral part of our ecosystem.

They helped us establish certain best practices and enabled us to be on top of our day to day accounts.

Nitin Saluja

Founder & CEO, Chaayos

I get to sleep easy, knowing he is watching my back.

I am really impressed with Chandan’s ‘can do’ attitude. They are part of our growth journey.

Rahul Singh

Founder & CEO, Beer Café

Chandan & his team helped us in achieving deadlines.

Good knowledgeable
opinion, well qualified
support along with a
friendly approach.

Greta Sequeira

Country Manager, Geico India

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Increase productivity & achieve your goals by...

Mastering the productivity protocols

As per an old saying - “Time is money,” but most of us never feel we have enough of either. We constantly run against the time without any clarity.

Truth is this will not take us anywhere. On the other hand, the super successful entrepreneurs build their empire & achieve abundance with same time. What separates them with the rest is awareness of time & “productivity mindset”.

When you attain this awareness, you —

Move-out from Anxiety and Stress, permanently

Drive high productivity & cultivate more opportunities

Get more work done yet have ample time for family & leisure

Get absolute abundance in professional & personal life

Join Chandan’s highly anticipated 1-day program

How To Manufacture Time

This is the only program you would ever need to harness the preeminent theories of productivity to supercharge every aspect of your productive and creative life.

This 1-day signature program you will help you —

Learn how to retrain your mind to optimize performance

Learn the secrets of getting more work done in less time

Get more results faster, in every area of your life

Reduce overwhelmness & achieve profound fulfillment and much more

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To be announced soon

Finally, I realized what I was missing all these years!

The way Chandan shared the hacks and tools, it was a child's play to implement and get instant results.”

Sachin Kharbanda

MD, Lakshita Fashion

Chandan’s teaching works like a genie for me!

Wish I would have access to this technology ten years back. I can’t thank Chandan enough.”

Rajiv Gandhi

Principal Architect, DFA

This 1-day program with Chandan changed my life!

My whole orientation around the time changed. Now I feel light & ultra productive at work. ”

Kamal Tyagi

Founder & CEO, Pinga One ERP

Time is the only democratic allotment of all resources. It is how you utilize the same, which makes or breaks the game.